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Welcome To Wishes & Prayers

Wishes & Prayers™ began in 1986. Founder, James Allen, was working two jobs and had very little money. So he went to garage sales, instead of going to stores, to purchase items that he needed for his family. On these trips, James noticed that there were several very nice stuffed animals from the upper income homes that were hardly, if at all, used or played with. He thought that instead of paying $20.00 for a brand new large stuffed animal, he could buy them for .25 cents each at these garage sales. James would then have them cleaned up, so he could give them out to struggling families for their children. Because for many low income and single family children, the stuffed animal was not just a toy, it was a snuggle friend that they could hug and hold onto.


Little Wishes Big Dreams Playhouse

Little Wishes Big Dreams Playhouse ™ purpose and dream were inspired by the love and dedication for our community, providing an exemplary early childhood education and meeting the needs of children and families. Out Center’s focus is on the individual needs of each child while providing a nurturing, safe loving, and educational environment. We are committed to the families we serve and strive to give each parent complete peace of mind while fostering a solid foundation for lifelong success. We invite you to visit Little Wishes Big Dreams Playhouse ™ and become part of our family.

Check Them Out!

Your child’s safety and well-being are our highest priority. Our staff is loving, attentive, and trained in early childhood development. We take great pride in every aspect at Little Wishes Big Dreams Playhouse ™ from safety, meal service, and educational programs as well as exceeding state-regulated requirements.



Calvary Ministry

While attending a fundraiser for another minister, a speaker came from India (Satish Kumar) was speaking on behalf of that Minister.


Single Moms Program

Wishes and Prayers was given the vision to begin working with single moms many years ago. We primarily carried the tradition out over the Hanukkah/Christmas Holidays.


Halfway House

Wishes and Prayers, in tangent with a governmental entity, have put a Half Way House on the Lone Bull Ranch, where Wishes and Prayers office is located. At the Halfway House the youth learn to be productive members of our society.

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